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Posted on Fri August 10, 2018.

Info you will appreciate: Golfing, snacking, paragliding

Welcome to the spanking new blog of Heriot Manor guest house.  Since ignorance isn’t always bliss, we feel conscience bound to spill some of the beans and share with you the surprising and entertaining secrets of our beloved town and surroundings.

You may ask, what’s the idea with this looooooooong, stretched out town hugging the N2?  A half way stop between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth?  Or maybe a pit stop to curb your hunger pangs till you reach Plett?  Allow us to lift the curtain and showcase the place where the Garden Route starts its spectacular meander.  

The very air in George reeks of history and tradition.  It is the proud namesake of King George 111.  We imagine her majesty sitting down to her dish of crumpets and tea, airily informing her royal spouse:  “You know George, they have decided to name a town after you.  Nothing ostentatious you know, after all, it’s only down in Africa, but still, I daresay, it’s good for publicity.”   Well, little did they know.  Today this town is pivotal to our economy and the fastest growing town in South Africa.  The imperial crown can now look back and be justifiably proud. 

Let’s start off with the splendor and renown of this world-class golf haven.  Spoilt for choice, golfers from all over the world have the enviable task of deciding, will be it Fan Court today, or will it be Oubaai? What about Kingswood or Pinnacle Point?  And the list goes on for quite a bit, and then some.

On any given day, you will find nattily attired golfers, ravenously discussing their plates at one of the numerous  19th holes.  Top notch chefs offer food to tantalize the most exacting customer, be it the forlorn golfer, nursing a crushed ego or the jovial ‘man-of-the-match’,  basking in the glory of the shot that saved the day.  For those of our guests who pot valiantly accompany these delirious Titleist enthusiasts, we could advise the luxury of enjoying a few hours spent in any of the award winning Health and Beauty Spa’s that are to be found on many of our golf estates.  Like a beautiful emerald necklace adorning the Garden Route, these golf estates are true gems.

Heriot Manor has had the delight of hosting groups of golfers.  After a hearty breakfast, we have waved them goodbye in the morning, only to be entertained afterwards by their anecdotes, as they relive the moments around our cosy fires at night.

Another gem, this time a sweet one and possibly undiscovered by most, is the Fudge Factory.  This little piece of heaven is to be found in the Garden Route Mall, close to the entrance of Woollies.  If your sweet tooth craves for comfort whilst sitting in bed at Heriot Manor, watching a movie and wishing to goodness you had a stash of goodies to silence those maulers, look no further.  Pop in at the mall on your way to the guest house and treat yourself to the staggering variety of fudge on offer.  For our international guests, this could be educational.  One of our traditional desert/teatime favorites, is Milk tart.  At the fudge Factory you will find: Milktart fudge!!! Competing with that,  is Amarula fudge (Amarula is a truly African liqueur), Marshmallow fudge, Coffee fudge and, and, and....  It leaves you debating between taking the same indulging  flavor you previously did, or risking somethings else and being sorry afterwards.  Well, be assured, we have yet to discover anything on offer at the Fudge Factory which does not make you believe that there is still hope on this planet.  Like my grandmother used to say:  all this…. and then heaven too!!!

Let’s put this frivolous, fleshly sweet stuff behind us and get on to something for the adrenaline junkie.  Just around the corner, (literally) at Wilderness, the brave among us can embark on a paragliding adventure.  Cloud Base Paragliding School - Wilderness, Dolphin Paragliding  - Wilderness, Kleinkrantz Wilderness Paragliding, are a few names to google and seek out.  There are tandem flights, paragliding  tuition, license courses, powered paragliding  tuition on offer.  You will be spending breathless moments suspended over the cliffs and outstretched beach of wilderness, with passing motorists gawking wonderingly. 

With our feet firmly planted on the ground, the staff of Heriot Manor will salute you and celebrate you, happy to know you have spent your day in pursuit of your dreams and passions.

We leave you now with this food for thought.  Until next time.