Discover the Gems in and around George

Posted on Thu October 11, 2018.

Prehistoric caves, scenic mountain passes, spectacular coastline

Why visit the Garden Route, our natural Garden of Eden.

Cango Caves 

Slightly out of town, just a hop over the mountain, you will find one of the spectacular underground wonders of our planet and the only show cave in Africa. The Cango Caves are a must see. It is formed in a limestone ridge and is a breath taking example of dripstone caverns. The unusual labyrinth of tunnels and chambers cover a distance of about 4 kilometres. To avoid the disappointment of leaving without being able to enter, it’s imperative to book before you go. Guided tours take place every hour. 

Stop by any of the Ostrich farms in the Oudtshoorn district that are open to the public and indulge in the glamour of some exquisite ostrich feathers or surprise a beloved with a beautifully manufactured ostrich leather product. 

If you choose to walk on the wild side, you may even get the opportunity to mount an ostrich and enjoy a friendly race to see who is a born ostrich jockey. 

Wonki ware pottery - dinnerware and table accessories 

We are delighted to inform you that the well sought after Wonki Ware has its home and factory shop in George. If you drive down to 42 York Street you will find the studios awaiting you to get lost in its creative flair. 

The Seven Seas boat cruise 

Hobnob around on this luxury Catamaran. Seven Seas offer a variety of cruises: Seal Island Romantic sunset cruises, offering a three course meal, cocktails and spectacular views For the early risers, a champagne breakfast Their cruises also offer pub lunches and scrumptious cakes and tea. This beauty can accommodate up to 65 people and is well worth putting on your bucket list. Contact Seven Seas Cruises on 0792511326 

Montagu Pass 

If you appreciate entering into the pages of yesteryear, you won’t want to miss out on the Montagu Pass Toll House. It is named after John Montagu, who was bent on providing better road systems in the Cape, although the pass was built by Mr HO Farrel and Henry Fancourt. 

The Friends of the Tollhouse, under the dedicated guidance of Gerda Stols, will entertain you with the charming history and anecdotes of this historical spot. You may even be fortunate enough as we 
were, to enjoy pancakes and ‘moer coffee’, made on site, as you sit around the table as you drift back in time. We learnt the secret behind the Afrikaans saying: jy soek witvoetjie and developed new respect for the wagon and beast teams who braved the pass with its heavily loaded timber and wares. Contact Gerda on 0837728252 to arrange a visit to the Toll House. Afterwards, do yourself a favour and drive through the pass. It is breath taking!